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Cooler Master GX 450 Power Supply Review

This PSU is not a modular design so all the cables are tied up and fed directly into the chassis.

The unit is finished in a plan dark finish with the name of the product on the side in the same graffiti typeface as the box. There is a single large 120mm fan at the top.

DC Output Rating
Voltage +3.3V +5V +12V -12V +5Vsb
Current (A) 24A 15A 35A 0.3A 2.5A
Ripple (mV) 50 50 120 120 50
Total Power 120W 420W 3.6W 12.5W

Considering the modest power output, the GX450 can deliver a high level of current to the single 12V rail.

Cable Amount Length
MB 20+4 pin x1 500mm
CPU 4+4 pin x1 600mm
PCI e 6 pin x 1 x1 500mm
Sata power connectors x3 500mm + 600mm + 700mm
Sata power connectors x2 500mm + 600mm
Peripheral 4 pin (molex) x3 500mm + 600mm
+ 700 mm
Floppy connector x1 800mm

There is only one PCIe 6 pin power connector which means if you want to use higher end graphics cards then power adapters will need to be used.

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