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Cooler Master GX 450 Power Supply Review

Cooler Master have chosen the ADDA AD1212MS-A71GL, a 120x120x25mm sleeve bearing fan which is oil impregnated and operates between 10.8 to 13.2 V. Start up voltage is 7.0V DC nominal. It requires 4.08 watts and rotates up to 2,050 rpm generating a maximum of 80.5 CFM. Noise ratings show a maximum of 38.0 DbA.

On the upper heatsink there are two black heatshrink sleeves over the fins, these are used for fan control and overtemperature protection thermistors. This is a dual forward design offering up to 85% efficiency.

The PCB is a clean design and the capacitor is rated to 105c, 330 uF, 420V.  It can produce a hold up time of 17ms when fully loaded.

The cabling is fully sleeved into the chassis and is well protected against possible long term fraying.

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