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Cooler Master V Series 700W (V700) PSU Review


The fan is a Protechnic MGA12512XF-O25. This is a Fluid Dynamic Bearing model which has a much longer life cycle compared to ball bearing units. They also tend to produce less noise. This is the exact same fan that the company are using in their V1000 unit.
The Seasonic OEM design is based around their high grade KM3 platform.

The primary side uses full bridge topology with a LLC resonant converter. The secondary side uses synchronous rectification along with DC-DC converters which produce the minor rails.

Soldering quality throughout this design is exceptional.
This design uses a sealed PCB which is there to improve EMI interference behind the AC receptacle. The transient filtering stage components include a single X cap, a CM choke and four Y caps. There are other transient filtering components on the main PCB, an MOV, two CM chokes and two pairs of Y and X caps.

The design uses a Champion CM6901 LLC resonant controller on a vertical PCB. There are fets here which regulate the +12V rail. Two heatsinks are placed to help cool down the fets. The Seasonic design uses some high grade Chemi-Con polymer caps for filtering the +12V rail. The VRMS that generate the minor rails are installed on the modular PCB. At the front of the PCB are a handful of polymer capacitors by Chemi-Con, and these are used to filter the DC outputs.

The two primary Japanese capacitors are rated 420V, 270uF @ 105c. These are high grade capacitors designed to deal with a lot of heat output.

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