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Cooler Master V Series 700W (V700) PSU Review

The Cooler Master V Series 700W is a fantastic power supply, based around the flagship Seasonic KM3 platform.

No power supply delivers perfect results, but the KM3 range exhibits no weaknesses and they have all delivered stable, high grade power for an enthusiast system. All of these commendable characteristics obviously carry over into the Cooler Master V Series.

Aesthetically the Cooler Master V700 is suitably impressive. The finish is resilient, surviving our ‘stress test’ and the modular cable connectors all fit nicely and lock in place as we would expect.

The ribbon style cabling will appeal to the enthusiast audience as they are easy to route and don’t block front to back airflow inside a chassis. It is also reassuring to note that the unit ships well protected inside a soft felt bag.

As we have said before, the KM3 series delivers class leading load regulation. Our intensive cross load tests didn’t cause a single problem for the unit as it delivered almost nominal results. Ripple suppression is stellar and the V Series 700W fell well within the industry rated specifications. The +3.3V and +5V output peaked between 15mV and 20mV respectively and the +12V peaked at 30mV.

The Cooler Master V Series 700W is over specified internally, we managed to get almost 850W out of the power supply before it safely shut down. When this is combined with the non aggressive fan profile it will also suit a power user wanting to build a quiet system, even with high grade components throughout.

Up to around 600W we would be hard pressed to even hear the fan spinning at all. Those building a high grade media centre would be advised to check this unit out, due to the pure modular design and low noise levels.

Cooler Master have nailed the price. The Seasonic X-Series 650W KM3 retails for around £120 inc vat in the United Kingdom today. The Cooler Master V Series 700W which uses a very similar internal design from Seasonic is priced at £102.50 inc vat.

This is an exceptionally high value for money power supply and would be right at the top of our shortlist today.


  • Load regulation is superb.
  • 80 Plus Gold+ efficiency levels.
  • Pure modular design.
  • 105c rated capacitors.
  • can deliver almost 850W under load.
  • great price point.


  • Still outside the budget for many people.

Kitguru says: A quality power supply with no weaknesses.

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Rating: 9.5.

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