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Corsair HX1000i Platinum Modular PSU Review

Corsair are using the NR135P power supply fan inside the HX1000i. Corsair say this fan was designed with blades shaped to move more air while creating less noise. The blades are balanced to help prevent resonance at higher spin speeds. This fan is a fluid dynamic bearing design, superior to most sleeve or ball bearing units on the market. Corsair have enhanced the motor core and windings in the bearing for better low noise performance at reduced speeds.
The internal layout of the HX1000i is very clean with plenty of space for airflow from above. Soldering quality seems relatively high throughout.
The design is using high grade 105c Japanese rated capacitors throughout. Primary capacitors are from Rubycon, the finest quality that money can buy. Interesting to see that while Seasonic use three 330uF 420V capacitors in their latest 1050WXP3 unit, Corsair are using two 400v 470uF capacitors in the HX1000i.

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