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Corsair HX1050 Power Supply Review

The Corsair HX1050 is shipped inside a plastic protective cover, which is underneath a felt pouch. You certainly cannot say they haven’t covered all bases for potential rough shipping.

The power supply is a very understated unit, ideal for many systems and is finished with an anti scratch matt paint which won’t mark easily. This isn’t a pure modular design, so there are a handful of cables feeding out from the chassis.

The power supply is fully vented to offer adequate cooling under heavy load. There is a power switch and a connector at the side.

The modular cable headers are colour coded and labelled to ensure a system build is as painless as possible.

A large 140mm fan takes centerstage at the top of the unit. No gaudy gold paintjobs either, just plain black. We will look more at the fan when we open the case shortly.

Model CMPSU-1050HX
AC Input Rating
AC Input 100-240V
Input Current 13-7.5A
Frequency 50/60Hz
DC Output Rating
Max Load Max Output
+3.3V 30A 180W
+5V 30A
+12V 87.5A 1050W
-12V 0.8A 9.6W
+5Vsb 3.5A 17.5W
Total Power 1050W at 50°C ambient temperature

Specifications are certainly impressive, with the product able to output the full 87.5A across the +12V output.

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  • Todd

    another winner by the looks of it, nice price point. I remember I paid the same for a 850W. even if it was gold certified.

  • Brooke

    Their PSU’s are great, still have one I bought a few years ago, its been on 24/7 for two years now.

  • Frankinberger

    ill be looking at the 850W in this range in a few months……… hopefully its priced well (ideally £120 or less!)

  • k0rn

    hard to fault their power supplies. Quick question,. are they really a custom design or do CWT just build them to specification for corsair?

    I read on another site that Corsair get the CWT designs and then tweak it ‘in house’? this would mean it is a more a Corsair/CWT joint design right?

  • Davis

    Excllent, another good one for a more mainstream audience

  • Thomas

    I need a new psu, 850w just as good in this range?

  • Peter

    Not for me, i boight their 1200w ax psu in jan, love it, great for my sli 590s

  • Colin

    I can recommend their power supplies, I have an AX and I love it.

  • Forrest

    They dont often drop the ball, and although they dont really seem to make anything themselves, they work with some great partners and force high standards.