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Corsair HX1050 Power Supply Review

Inside, we are treated to a Yate Loon D14BH-12 140mm fan. This fan has been used in many quality power supply designs in recent months and can generate up to 140cfm of air at 2,800 rpm while emitting 48.5 dBa. Obviously we would assume it won’t need to generate these speeds in operation, but the potential for some hardcore cooling is available.

Corsair have partnered up with CWT for this DC-DC Circuit design and the layout and build quality is exceptionally good. We would expect this from CWT however as all their designs to date have been engineered to the highest standards. There are several carefully placed heatsinks with thermal control sensors, ensuring the PWM fan generates the correct level of cooling.

The HX1050 uses 105c rated premium quality capacitors from various companies, such as Panasonic throughout the design. The two primary capacitors are rated at 470uF/450V.

The cabling is sleeved well into the chassis to ensure that long term fraying wont be a problem.

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