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Enermax MaxRevo 1350W Power Supply Review

Enermax are using one of their own Twister 14cm fans in the MaxRevo 1350W. You can read more about Enermax fan designs over here. This Twister bearing is unique, because it uses a magnetic ball in the center. This polarises the hub of the fan creating an almost frictionless contact which should reduce noise and increase life span of the components. They are rated to over 100,000 hours which is one of the highest recorded figures in the industry.

The Enermax design is exceptionally clean (and simple in design) and they are keen to point out that their transformer design (Full Zone Magnetic Transformer Design) is more densely wound than a traditional design, making it more compact and better at dissipating heat. Enermax have used tall thin heatsinks which aid airflow from front to back. Soldering quality throughout is first class.

The MaxRevo 1350W PSU uses a ‘copper bridge array’. In layman’s terms this is a series of conductors which transmit power from the main PCB to the modular interface. As this is a pure modular design there is no need for wires inside the chassis. The transient filtering stage is comprised of an x capacitor, two Y capacitors and a coil. The images above show there are two more Y capacitors, an X capacitor, a coil, MOV and a fuse directly on the PCB. There is a row of Rubycon 1500uF capacitors which filter the +12v.

There are two mini PCBs at the side of the chassis design which contain the PFC and PWM controllers, which is a full bridge controller with synchronous rectification.

The MaxRevo 1350W power supply uses all 105c rated, quality Japanese capacitors. The supply also has ‘heatguard’ support – this is the term Enermax use to explain that the fan keeps spinning, even after the PSU is shut down for a while, to cool the internals. ‘SafeGuard’ is their term for the OCP, UVP, OVP, OPP, OTP, SCP and SIP protection systems in place.

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