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Enermax MaxRevo 1350W Power Supply Review

The Enermax MaxRevo 1350W is a top drawer power supply. First impressions are solidified thanks to the spectacular bundle package which is one of the most extensive we have seen. It is not often a high quality fan is included as an extra and it will be put to good use in a new system build. Enermax fans are consistently some of the best on the market right now.

The anti stratch finish is superb. We accidentally ran a screwdriver head down the side of the chassis during testing and it didn’t leave a mark on the coating. It is also very resistant against finger prints and you would be hard pressed to notice it had been used at all, even after some rough handling during the build phase.

Technically it is a stellar design, with an exceptionally clean proprietary internal layout which is both simple, yet very clever in implementation. The fully modular structure is very becoming of a flagship supply aimed at the most demanding audience on the market – the hardcore SLI and CrossfireX graphics card gaming sector. In real world terms we tested this power supply with three Nvidia GTX580’s and two AMD HD6990’s, all paired up with an overclocked, watercooled Intel 990X and it didn’t miss a beat.

Technically, it is great, but not at the top of the field. We noticed that it just achieved 80 Plus Gold Certification at 100% load and that voltage regulation wasn’t quite as impressive as the flagship Corsair or OCZ units recently released. It won’t prove an issue for anyone, as the figures are well within rated parameters, but as a technical side note, it is worth mentioning. Noise suppression is strong with the +12V rail peaking at 35 mV although the +5V rail did peak at 30mV which is higher than we would have expected.

Pricing has not yet been confirmed for the UK, but we have been told it should be in the £270-290 inc vat price bracket which means it will only be suitable for the wealthy enthusiast audience – exactly the target market for a 1350W 80 Plus Gold Certified modular design. This is created for the GTX590 and HD6990 audience and will be a great first choice.


  • Bundle package is as good as we have seen
  • great overall design
  • high efficiency achieving 80 Plus Gold in our testing
  • paintwork is very tough


  • expensive
  • a few minor weaknesses with voltage regulation

KitGuru says: Can deliver an incredible level of power for the most demanding systems. Built to the exacting standards we expect from Enermax.

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Rating: 9.0.

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