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Enermax Revolution D.F. 12 850W PSU Review

Enermax have opted for very simple box artwork. Their logo is printed on the inner brown box, while a slip over colour section highlights some key features along with an image of the unit.

The rear of the box highlights the ‘Dust Free Rotation' Tech, along with cable details, and power supply output figures.

Enermax supply a PSU tester, regionalised power cable, mounting screws and some cable combs. There is also a user reference manual supplied.

It's great to see that Enermax didn't cop out and supply black cables with the unit. The cables are of a decent length. All cables are individually sleeved, which means you may very well be using the little combs they supply to increase the attractiveness of the build on show. The 12V 2×6 connector is set for 600W power output (max), which seems a little unnecessary for a unit rated at 850W.

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