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Enermax Revolution D.F. 12 850W PSU Review


The D.F. 12 is white, with the only colour being the yellowish/gold accent on the side sticker indicating the power output. They also sell this PSU in black, for $10 less.

The fan is hidden behind a grille at the top of the chassis. We will take a closer look at this shortly. Enermax have their logo in the centre section.

The modular bay is laid out over two rows, with all the connectors labelled for ease of use during the build phase.

The other side has the power switch and connector housing along with the DF Switch.

The Enermax ‘Dust Free Rotation' (DFR) function. Basically this fan spins in reverse to expel dust from the insides of the unit when it is first powered up. Enermax call this a ‘self cleaning mode'. While the fan reverses direction on start up, it is difficult to actually test if this would help remove stubborn dust over the years. It's certainly an interesting idea.

The Enermax D.F. 12 850W power supply can deliver 70.8A via the primary +12V rail, and 20A to the +3.3V and +5V rails.

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