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Enermax Revolution D.F. 12 850W PSU Review

The fan inside is a ZIC ZFB122512M by ZETA Group. As mentioned earlier in the review, this is a double ball bearing fan – they are generally less expensive than fluid dynamic fans and often slightly louder too. Still, I have used plenty of double ball bearing fans for many years as they have good lifespan. A small plastic shroud covers part of the fan, to direct air over specific components underneath.

The PCB in this power supply is tiny, so therefore it's densely populated with components. OEM partner RSY have adopted various daughter-cards to compensate for the tiny physical width of the main board. Two Japanese 105C rated capacitors by Rubycon make up the primary stage – rated 270uF 420V, for a total of 540uF.

The design incorporates a PFC converter with a full bridge topology with a LLC resonant converter. Minor rails are generated via four FETS which regulate the 12V rail, feeding into DC-DC converters. Soldering on the board is very good, with an overall clean design throughout.

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