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Enermax Revolution D.F. X 1050 PSU Review

Enermax are using a 120mm fan labelled ‘PFERS-12M' with a rated maximum speed of 2,100 rpm, 12V 0.28A. This is a Fluid Dynamic Bearing Fan (FDB) with a life span rating of 100,000 hours of use.

Enermax are keen to promote their ‘Dust Free Rotation (DFR) function. Basically they claim this fan spins in reverse to expel dust from the insides of the unit when it is first powered up. Enermax call this a ‘self cleaning mode'. While the fan reverses direction on start up, it is difficult to actually test if this would help remove stubborn dust over the years. It's certainly an interesting idea!

This looks to be a SANR (sometimes known as Casecom) OEM design in conjunction with Enermax. We don't often get to look at many of these units, so it is interesting. We have seen some of these units in Aerocool and Kolink PSUS in the past and are known for high ;performance to dollar; designs. This is a half bridge LLC resonant converter with DC to DC circuit design offering good output efficiency and voltage stability.

It is reassuring to see the adoption of 105c rated Japanese capacitors from Rubycon. These capacitors are 450V 390uF for a total of 780uF.

The unit has OCP, OVP, UVP, OPP, OCP and SCP protections.

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