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Enermax Revolution D.F. X 1050 PSU Review

As we said initially in this review, it has been some time since we have received an Enermax branded PSU for review at KitGuru. The Revolution D.F. X 1050 has proved in our testing to be a solid PSU design with some interesting selling points.

While the RGB side panel is an interesting concept, many new case designs go out of their way to hide the power supply in a lower compartment. I do like how Enermax have opted to include a physical button on the unit to control RGB patterns. This negates the need for messy software installs.

Technically the unit is capable, if somewhat unremarkable. The 80 Plus Gold Certification is what we would consider an enthusiast entry-level point in 2023 and this unit achieves this certification based on our testing.

In other areas, the Revolution D.F. X 1050 proves a solid design. Ripple suppression falls well within industry rated parameters, achieving 15mV and 20mV on the +3.3V and +5V rails respectively.  The +12V rail peaked at 35mV under full load situations. Load regulation is pretty good as well.

The unit runs pretty cool due to the excellent 120mm fluid dynamic bearing fan, and the adoption of 105C-rated high grade Japanese capacitors from Rubycon should ensure long term stability. Enermax back this power supply up with a full 10-year warranty for ease of mind. We have no ‘real world' way to test the ‘DFR' (Dust Free Rotation) function for this review but in theory, if nothing else, it should help remove some dust particles from the unit over the years.

Right now, Enermax appear to have some struggles with getting stock in the United Kingdom after Brexit, but official pricing for the D.F. X 1050W is said to be $169.99. The unit doesn't appear to be for sale right now on Amazon (LINK), but you can get it from Newegg for £178.99 (HERE). The best price we have found is from Grooves who appear to be importing them for £139 (HERE). At £140 it is a great deal and should make a final shortlist – at £180 there is clearly a lot more competition.

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  • Technically a solid power supply.
  • Fan counter spins to help remove dust from insides.
  • 105C-rated Japanese capacitors from Rubycon in primary stage.


  • Might be difficult to find, especially in the UK right now.
  • Pricing seems to vary massively online.

KitGuru says: The Enermax Revolution D.F. X 1050 ships with a few interesting features, such as RGB support without a reliance on a bloated software install and a ‘Dust Free Rotation' Fan function to help remove excess dust from inside on start up. Technically it delivered good power across the full range and is backed with a 10 year warranty from Enermax.

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Rating: 8.0.

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