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FSP Twins 500W Redundant Power Supply Review

The FSP Twins is shipped in a rather large box with a high resolution image of the supply itself clearly visible on the front.

Inside are two smaller boxes which contain the ATX chassis and other components and accessories.

One of the boxes contains the individual power supplies which fit inside the ATX chassis (in the other box). The little black box in the centre contains some accessories.

Inside the black box are two standard power connectors for each supply, a user manual and some fittings and cables for the build. The Twins power supply ships with a USB cable which can connect to the motherboard directly for monitoring support. You can download the monitoring and analysis software directly from the FSP website.


The main ATX unit has the following cables:

  • 1x 24 pin ATX cable at 500mm
  • 4+4 pin x 2 at 600mm
  • 6+2 pin (2 connectors/1 cable) at 450mm + 150mm
  • SATA/Molex cable at 450mm + 155mm(x4) (2 molex and 2 SATA headers).
  • SATA cable at 550mm x 4 + 155mm
  • Floppy connector at 100mm
  • USB 8 Pin at 500mm

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