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OCZ ZX 1250W Power Supply Review

The OEM of this specific power supply is Great Wall – they are a quality OEM who have made some great units over the years. This particular design doesn’t use LLC resonant topology to achieve the Gold efficiency specifications (like the Corsair AX1200).

The fan, we are pleased to see, is a Yate Loon model … the D14BH-12. We have seen this fan used in plenty of quality supplies recently. Considering the ‘ultra silent’ claims, this is actually one of Yate Loon’s more powerful fans, rated to 2,800 rpm @ 48.5dBa while producing a whopping 140 CFM airflow. Obviously OCZ will have ensured the fan never gets close to this speeds with PWM control. At least we hope so.

The AC receptacle has one X and two Y capacitors. It feeds into the main PCB with three coils, two X and two Y capacitors. Unusually there is no Metal Oxide Varistor with this design.

The capacitors are 105c, 420V, 390µF rated (each) and are supplied by Teapo.

The two bridge rectifiers are cooled by three substantial heatsinks. There is also a thermistor and an electromagnetic relay that bypasses once the PSU is turned on. The PWM/PFC controller is a Champion CM6802.

The secondary side uses seven mofsets and the minor rails are generated from the +12V with the help of two DC-DC converter modules. All filtering capacitors for the DC outputs are Teapo branded and rated to 105c. Soldering quality is very good throughout, so lets get onto the testing.

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