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XFX Pro 1250W Black Edition Modular Power Supply Review

The XFX Pro 1250W Black Edition Modular Power Supply arrives in a very stylish box, much as we would expect from XFX.

The outer shell is removed to expose a heavy cardboard box, inside. We love the black ‘pixelated’ design on the top box. It is the ‘little’ areas of attention to detail that help improve the feeling of buying a quality product.

The thin upper box contains most of the modular cables. although an additional three are laying loose as they don’t fit in the box.

Cables And Connectors:
(1) 24/20 Pin Main Power Connector
(1) 4/8 Pin ATX/12V/EPS12V Power Connector
(1) 8 Pin ATX/12V/EPS12V Power Connector
(8) 6/8 Pin PCI Express Connector
(2) 4 Pin Floppy Drive Power Connector
(8) 4 Pin Molex Peripheral Power Connector
(11) 15 Pin Serial ATA Connector

Two power cables.
Mounting screws.

A total of 8 PCI-E 6+2 connectors will ensure full support for even the most demanding SLI/Crossfire system builds. The modular cabling is high quality and sleeved. Additionally we received two power connectors, one for Europe, and another for the United Kingdom.

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  • Richard

    I love their chassis design, thats not seasonic. They are masters of presentation.

  • Thomas

    Well thats extremely pretty and well designed. but £220? I guess for the target audience its small change, but I think ill pass. What price is the 1000W?

  • Trevor

    Seasonic rock. nice design. doesnt look like they cut any corners with the caps.

  • Jeremy

    I absolutely love the photos on this site. killer.

  • hi, do you use any any surt10000xlt ups power supply ?

  • hi, do you use perhaps ups power supply surt10000xlt ?

  • Optix

    Yeah, very nice indeed. They seem to use a metal chassis and clip an outer section to make it look quite stylish. Stands out a mile IMO.


  • Raymond Forrester

    £220 might seem like a lot of cash, but people still underestimate the need for a power supply when running high end enthusiast components. It is the biggest, single failure of many systems, causing destroyed motherboards, cpus and graphics cards.

    My friend bought a cheap ass far east make in a local store and he was forever deailing with BSOD’s, crashes, lock outs. We narrowed it down to the PSU> he was furious.

    What an idiot. 🙂

  • Raymond Forrester

    Mean to say, I like the Corsair range of units, I bought one, cost me a little extra over another make, but it really is a false economy long term.

  • David

    Looks great and performs well, but it has to be a small audience.

    What do you think I should buy for a HD6970 and a Core i7 2600k? something around 750W?

  • Joseph

    @ david, something like this would be fine


  • 8eet 8 fr dinner

    lovely. wicked and pure overkill.

    What would demand more power Two GTX 590’s or four HD 6970s ? I can’t see any system taking over 1000 Watts, even with a ton of hard drives etc.

  • Peter

    Wow, nice power supply, looks great too. XFX seem to have this market sorted.

  • 4nuffin

    Ordered one today, not sure when ill get it. thanks for review.

  • Unique

    The design is great, I think power supplies need to be better looking in 2011. All the same ugly matt black or white paintwork. I know that isn’t the main buying factor, but hey this would look friggin awesome in a custom build with side window and LED lighting.

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