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XFX Pro 1250W Black Edition Modular Power Supply Review

The XFX partnership with Seasonic continues to thrive because the Pro 1250W Black Edition is without question one of the finest 1250W power supplies available on the market and easily earns one of Kitguru's highest awards.

The appearance and quality of finish is certain to appeal to a wide audience, especially as the design is slightly more elaborate than many other products on the market. Thankfully, while a complex design, it isn't gaudy, ensuring it will blend with a variety of system builds.

Technically, the DC to DC Seasonic design is exemplary, combining very high levels of efficiency with rock solid voltage regulation. We cross loaded the power supply quickly with 96A on the +12V output and it held steady, only dipping a little to 11.91V. A lesser design would find this a real problem to handle and we have even experienced several failures with other units when pushing this hard.

Noise suppression is also worthy of a mention as the +12V output peaked around 40mV, well within industry guidelines. The +3.3V and +5V ripple results were just as positive, peaking at 15 mV and 25 mV respectively.

We pushed the power supply hard during our testing and managed to get an extra 142Watts before the protection circuitry would shut it down. We have tested the power supply with a Core i7 3960x Extreme Edition overclocked to 4.8ghz, paired up with 32GB of ram, and two Nvidia GTX590's in Quad Sli. The total system drain was 930 Watts at the socket and this power supply handled it without even having to generate high levels of noise. Generally the power supply is basically silent, unless pushed very hard (1000 watts+ and it becomes audible).

You can buy the XFX Pro 1250W Black Edition direct from DABS in the UK, for £219.99 inc vat. If you are running an ultra high end gaming system this definitely deserves to be shortlisted.


  • Quiet.
  • Immensely powerful.
  • Fabulous appearance.
  • very efficient.
  • Fully modular.
  • rock solid.
  • 8 PCI-E 6+2 cables for ultimate Crossfire and SLI system builds.


  • Its £220.

Kitguru says: Another award winner for XFX. A class leading Seasonic design. Rock Solid.

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Rating: 9.0.

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