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ICY DOCK introduce the ToughArmour four-bay M.2 SSD enclosure

The new ToughArmour MB720M2K-B from ICY DOCK is a new four-bay removable enclosure for M.2 solid-state drives. This means that M.2 SSDs no longer need to be installed directly onto the motherboard or via a riser card and makes M.2 drives more accessible from the front of the system.

ICY DOCK has equipped the ToughArmour four-bay M.2 enclosure with a simple tool-less installation process which also makes maintenance and upgrading M.2 devices pain-free, with reduced system downtime. The innovative design means that the user can simply place the M.2 SSD in the drive bay, adjust the locking mechanism to the correct length and push the drive down to lock in place.

This adjustable locking mechanism means that all sizes of M.2 SSDs, including 22110 (110 mm) drives, can be installed inside the ToughArmour MB720M2K-B with minimal fuss. The enclosure also includes EMI Grounding Technology to ensure M.2 SSDs are properly grounded just like they would be when installing directly to the PC motherboard. Once the M.2 SSD is clipped in place in the bay, the drive will be grounded by the tray and the housing of the enclosure to protect against electrical damage.

In terms of performance, the ToughArmour MB720M2K-B features support for up to four M.2 PCIe NVMe SSDs with 4x PCIe data transfer speed of up to 32 Gb/s per channel. Additionally, a number of ventilation holes around the enclosure, along with the high-efficiency aluminium heat sinks inside each bay and the dual 40mm fans, ensures the installed M.2 SSDs remain within the optimal operating temperate range while under full load.

An LED status indicator built into each bay lets the user know when the drive is powered up and in use. To ensure the M.2 SSDs inside the enclosure are well protected and will function reliably for many years after installation, ICY DOCK has built the ToughArmour MB720M2K-B from a heavy-duty metal construction that is rugged enough to cope with installation in industrial type systems.

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KitGuru says: This new type of M.2 installation method looks ideal for use in harsh environments with its solid build and innovative installation process. What do you guys think of this new rugged four-bay M.2 SSD enclosure from ICY DOCK?

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