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OCZ Challenge update: 2nd ARC 100 drive dies at 352TB

Regular readers will know of the challenge submitted to KitGuru by OCZ – to kill 5 of their ARC 100 Solid State Drives. If you need a recap, then head back to this original page posted on December 10th.

The drives all passed the warranty figure of 300TB on 3rd February 2015 – one of them failed at 322TB and today the second has kicked the bucket – reading 352TB.

As promised to our readers, we report on any failures -as soon as they happen. This was one of the rules we made clear to OCZ before this project was started. Still, we don't think they will be too annoyed – their warranty terms for these drives are 22TB.

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So, there you have it – two of the five ARC 100 drives are now dead. How long before another fails? Will any make it past 400TB?

OCZ are hoping that this test will go some way to repair their reputation which suffered in previous years after well known problems with the Sandforce 2281 controller. OCZ no longer use this controller and have introduced a new ‘ShieldPlus Warranty System' to reassure customers.

The ‘ShieldPlus Warranty system’ eliminates the requirement for ‘proof of purchase’ … if a drive fails. A brand new SSD is shipped to the OCZ customer of the same capacity, in advance. When the replacement is received by the customer they can then send their old faulty drive back with a prepaid envelope. Yes it all does seem too good to be true, but we can’t find any catch.

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