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ADATA Premier Pro SP300 24GB mSATA Cache Solid State Drive Review

ADATA supplies the SP300 in a basic package that allows a glance at the SSD itself. SATA and Intel Smart Response Technology compatibility are outlined on the rear in many languages, as well as the built-in ECC and wear-levelling technology.

Marginally larger than a £2 coin in size, the diminutive 24GB SP300 will fit in mSATA-supporting laptops and desktops without causing any interference issues.

ADATA's product sticker partially conceals 2 of the 3 8GB Micron memory chips, the third of which resides on the PCB's opposite side. The LSI SandForce SF-2141 controller is located adjacent to the mSATA connector.

3 of Micron's synchronous 29F64G08CBAAB Multi-Level Cell NAND flash memory chips are used on the Premier Pro SP300. Each chip is 8GB in capacity and is built using a 25nm manufacturing process.

Testing mSATA drives today on an ATX motherboard is not ideal, as many of them currently limit the mSATA port to 3.0Gbps speeds and can possess hefty latency hindrances. We want to the test the raw performance of the drive, not the port so we have adopted the Aleratec MiniPCIe mSATA to SATA SSD Adapter.

For those interested, this Aleratec adapter can be picked up from Amazon for only £16.

The ADATA SP300 fits perfectly in our adapter meaning that mSATA users will have no dimension-related problems.

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