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Samsung to fix 840 Evo SSD performance crippling bug

Over the last few weeks there has been numerous reports of a performance crippling bug found in Samsung’s 840 Evo SSDs. Users over at Overclock.net found that when month old data was found on the drive, read speeds would suffer greatly.

However, fortunately for Samsung SSD users, the company has acknowledged the issue and is currently working on a fix. For those unaware of the bug, or for those it may not affect yet, there is a problem with the 840 Evo that causes the read performance of old blocks of data to drop dramatically, the reason nobody had discovered the issue until now is because it only affects LBAs that contain old data, which is classed as anything older than 30 days.

840 EVO bug

Source: @P_Combe

Anandtech got in touch with Samsung and discovered that they are aware of this bug and may have already found the source of the problem. The engineers are already working on an updated firmware, which will be distributed to end users as soon as it is ready.

There is currently no ETA for the fix so potential buyers may want to hold off on picking up the Samsung 840 EVO until this issue is officially resolved.

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KitGuru Says: It is in Samsung’s best interests to get this problem patched up as fast as possible, so hopefully a fix isn’t too far off. Then again, we don’t know much more about the problem so its hard to say how long a fix should take. Have any of you guys been experiencing slow read speeds with an 840 EVO drive? 

Source: Anandtech

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