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The world’s first 13TB SSD has arrived

If you have been watching the SSD space for the last few years, you have probably noticed that prices have gone down and capacities have started going up. However, as always if you want to be on the absolute cutting edge, it is going to cost you, which is the case here with the world's first 13TB SSD.

Yes, you read that correctly, 13,000 GBs of sweet high-speed solid state storage on one drive from the company Fixstars. This drive will be sold directly by Fixstars and won't be available through third-party retailers.


Now a spokesperson for the company, Shien Zhu, says that the current pricing estimate puts this drive at $1 per gigabyte, so the drive should cost somewhere in the neighbourhood of $13,000 though that figure hasn't been officially decided on just yet.

The drive comes packaged in a 2.5-inch enclosure and runs at read speeds of 580MB/s and read speeds of 520MB/s. The drive uses NAND flash made by Toshiba and uses a proprietary controller that is designed for improved speeds overall. The drive is targeting mostly at companies working with large video files or streaming, rather than the average consumer.

KitGuru Says: This is a pretty huge jump from the 6TB SSDs we've seen, doubling the capacity and then some. The real question is, if you had $13,000, would you buy such a massive SSD? 

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