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Integral SVR-PRO 100 SRI 4TB SSD Review


Our review sample SVR-PRO 100 SRI 4TB drive came in a plain white box with just the drive inside.

integral-svr-pro-100-4tb-review-on-kitguru-top-sideways integral-svr-pro-100-4tb-review-on-kitguru-reverse-sideways
The drive is built on a standard 2.5in, 7mm format (just by way of a note, the 8TB drive is 14mm high) using a good quality metal enclosure held together by four study screws.

Once opened you are faced by a full-length PCB holding eight 256GB HLNAND packages (labelled HL7G2T44BHBB-1HB) and a single Samsung DDR3-1600 cache chip. The reverse of the board holds another eight 256GB HLNAND packages, the Novachips NVS3800-39 controller and another Samsung DDR3-1600 cache IC.

Each HLNAND package is made up of 16 dies of 128Gbit MLC NAND giving a total of 256GB per package. Also on the same side of the PCB as the controller are three power capacitors to protect against power loss.

integral-svr-pro-100-4tb-review-on-kitguru-pcb integral-svr-pro-100-4tb-review-on-kitguru-pcb-chips

The 2nd generation Novachips NVS3800-39 is an ARM-based 28nm process, 8-channel controller which supports SLC/MLC/eMLC/TLC as well as HLNAND. It can handle up to 1TB of ONFI or Toggle NAND or up to 16TB of HLNAND and supports AES 256-Bit encryption and TCG OPAL 2.0.

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