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Integral SVR-PRO 100 SRI 4TB SSD Review

IOMeter is another open source synthetic benchmarking tool which is able to simulate the various loads placed on hard drive and solid state drive technology.

IOMeter setup

We test with both random read and write 4k tests, as shown above. There are many ways to measure the IOPS performance of a Solid State Drive, so our results will sometimes differ from manufacturer’s quoted ratings. We do test all drives in exactly the same way, so the results are directly comparable.


iometer-ran-write iometer-ran-read

Tested 4K random read performance came in a 52,215 IOPS, which was a little better than the official 52,000 IOPS. However, the review drive didn't reach the maximum official 77,000 IOPS for writes, falling short at 64,479 IOPS.

We also tested the drive with various IOMeter simulations that it might be used for in a work environment. The drive shows its read-intensive credentials when dealing with the read intensive applications; SQL Server 2008 OLTP, Web File Server 64KB, Media Streaming and Video On Demand. The performance drops considerably when it deals with less read-intensive operations.

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