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Intel Optane Memory H10 512GB Review

Rating: 8.0.

When Intel first introduced their Optane Memory technology it was as in the form of small SSD's with the primary aim of boosting the performance of SATA based drives through SSD caching. The latest incarnation of the technology, the Optane Memory H10, takes this idea further on by combining Optane Memory technology with the latest QLC 3D NAND on a single PCB.

Currently there are three models in Intel's Optane Memory H10 range with varying sizes of Optane memory and QLC (quad-level cell) 3D NAND combinations. There is a single 16GB model that combines 16GB of Optane memory and 256GB of QLC NAND and two 32GB models, one with 512GB of QLC NAND and a flagship 1TB QLC drive.

The official Sequential performance figures for the 512GB version of the H10 are up to 2,300MB/s for reads and up to 1,300MB/s for writes. The 1TB drive is rated at up to 2,400MB/s and 1,800MB/s for read and writes respectively while the entry 250GB model is up to 1,450MB/s for reads and 650MB/s for writes.

Random 4K figures for the 512GB drive are up to 320,000 IOPS for reads with writes coming in at up 250,000. These figures were achieved using an 8GB span. The 1TB drive is rated as up to 330,000 IOPS for reads and 250,000 for writes while the 250GB drive figures are up to 230,000 IOPS and 150,000 IOPS for reads and writes respectively.

Endurance figures for the range are up to 75TBW for the 16GB/256GB model, up to 150TBW for the 32GB/512GB model with the 1TB drive rated at up to 330TBW. Intel back the H10 modules with a 5-year warranty.

Physical Specifications:
Usable Capacities: 512GB
NAND Components: SSD Intel 64L 3D QLC,  Optane: Intel 128Gb 3D XPoint
NAND Controller: SSD: Silicon Motion SM2263, Optane: Intel SLL3D
Cache: 256GB DDR3L
Interface: PCIe 3.0 x4 NVMe
Form Factor: M.2
Dimensions: 22 x 80mm

Firmware Version: 17.2

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