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Kingston DC450R 3.84TB SSD Review


The DC450R ships in a blister pack with the drive’s capacity clearly labelled on the front while the rear has multilingual marketing and warranty notes on it.

Built on a standard 2.5in, 7mm format, the DC450R has a metal enclosure, held together with four Torx security screws hidden under the front label.

The 3.84TB DC450R uses 16 3D TLC NAND packages split equally between both sides of the PCB. On one side of the board, they are joined by the Phison PS3112-S12DC controller and a pair of Micron DDR4-2666 cache IC's while the other side of PCB holds another pair of cache chips. The one thing that the DC450R doesn't have are power loss protection capacitors although the mounts for them are on the PCB.

The eight-channel PS3112-S12DC is built on a 28nm process supporting drives up to 8TB with 3D TLC NAND Flash. It features Phison’s 3rd generation LDPC ECC engine and has AES 256 bit encryption support.



Kingston’s SSD management software utility is simply called SSD Manager.  With it, you can monitor the health of the drive and how it’s being used, check the drive’s SMART data and update the firmware as well as securely erasing the drive. You can also adjust and manage the over-provisioning of the drive.

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