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OCZ Challenge update: 4th ARC 100 drive dies at 424TB

We hope by now that many of you have been following the ‘Kill x5 SSD Challenge’ issued to us by OCZ – this started way back on December 10th last year. Today, the fourth drive has kicked the bucket with only one still ticking away.

The warranty data transfer figure for the OCZ ARC 100 is 22TB and all of the drives have lasted much longer than this – the first failure actually didn’t happen until 322TB, the second drive died at 352TB, the third 384TB. One drive is still going strong, so the project isn’t quite over yet. If you want to view all the videos, follow the links below on this page.

Watch via our VIDEO channel below, or over on YOUTUBE.

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With 4 drives now dead, we’re all wondering when the last will shuffle off this mortal coil. OCZ are wondering the same thing and are actually opening this up to a competition with KitGuru – with the chance to win an ARC 100 240GB drive.

OCZ are hoping that this test will go some way to repair their reputation which suffered in previous years after well known problems with the Sandforce 2281 controller. OCZ no longer use this controller and have introduced a new ‘ShieldPlus Warranty System’ to reassure customers.

The ‘ShieldPlus Warranty system’ eliminates the requirement for ‘proof of purchase’ … if a drive fails. A brand new SSD is shipped to the OCZ customer of the same capacity, in advance. When the replacement is received by the customer they can then send their old faulty drive back with a prepaid envelope. Yes it all does seem too good to be true, but we can’t find any catch.

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KitGuru says: Stay tuned as we get close to the (final) end.

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