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Ivy Bridge reportedly to launch with reduced pricing

A short time after hearing of supposed lengthy delays in bringing Ivy Bridge chips to market, it’s since been more positive news for Intel’s third generation, 22nm based Core processors. It came to light a short time after rumours first begun circulating about Ivy Bridge not arriving in the flesh till June that only a few select, lower profile dual core parts (namely those targeting Ultrabooks and notebooks) would be affected.

The latest on Ivy Bridge will inevitably bring instant satisfaction to all who are reading this. Intel is apparently looking to reduce pricing across its Ivy Bridge lineup by as much as $70 per model. Intel’s motivation for the price dropping strategy ahead of launch is said to be primarily to avoid causing a price-shock to its partners in transitioning to its latest generation chips.

Intel has already cut pricing by quite a good chunk on its Sandy Bridge line of CPUs in attempts to clear inventories before Ivy Bridge arrives. If these Ivy Bridge price drops do go into effect, It’s being anticipated that you’ll be able to pick up an Ivy Bridge-powered notebook for about the same price as a current-gen Sandy Bridge based one as soon as they hit the market.

KitGuru says: Quite an unusual move from Intel upon letting a new line of chips out the gate. We wonder if this will actually do Ivy Bridge any favours in the long run… On the flipside, further more aggressive price drops would be inevitable for Sandy Bridge and assumingly this is where most of the attention will be. Keep your eyes on the downward pricing of Sandy Bridge notebooks as Ivy Bridge’s launch nudges closer.

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