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UFC Champion is blown away by Gear VR skiing

Putting on a virtual reality headset for the first time can be quite a disorienting thing, even if you're someone who's balance, mind and body and well tuned for some of the most stressful situations in the world. Take professional fighter and current UFC Light-Heavyweight champion, Daniel Cormier (DC), who almost fell over trying a Gear VR skiing demo.

The Gear VR is the little brother of the Oculus Rift, with a higher resolution display set up, but no positional tracking and certainly no motion controls like you have with the Vive or PSVR. However it does offer a very good introduction for VR, for seated or standing experiences.

We'd probably recommended seated for your first try though, especially since it seems that DC struggled to stay upright in his brief demonstration.

The trial took place at the American Kickboxing Academy (AKA), with fellow UFC title holder Luke Rockhold looking on with glee as his teammate flailed around and looked around in wonder at the snowy landscape that only he could see.

It will be interesting to see if in the coming years, as VR becomes more nuanced and utilised outside of gaming, if fighters can use certain aspects to train specific scenarios. Head movement in particular seems like it could be trained using VR, without risk of head trauma.

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KitGuru Says: Now we know where DC's recent injury came from at least. The man clearly was trying to do roomscale with a Rift. You need the chaperone system dude, come on.

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