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Samsung’s ‘Odyssey’ VR headset could rival Oculus Rift

Samsung and Oculus have a pretty close working relationship at this point, with Oculus being the ones to design the GearVR and power it through its own software. However, the two could end up becoming competitors in the future as Samsung is said to be working on something called ‘Odyssey’ a new, higher-end VR headset that could take on the Rift in terms of specs.

Samsung Odyssey was first spotted In Korean trademark filings made by the company. However, unlike the Oculus or HTC Vive, Samsung wants to make the Odyssey a standalone device, without the need for a smartphone, or a PC.

Samsung Odyssey

The trademark filings were first spotted by GalaxyClub, and according to what we can see, there are listings for VR games and glasses. Unfortunately, not much else is known about the product itself outside of that. However, there is an Unpacked event coming up in August, so maybe Samsung will have something VR-related to show there, alongside the announcement of the Galaxy Note 7.

KitGuru Says: Samsung’s GearVR has been fairly successful so it would be interesting to see how an all-in-one VR headset would fare, without the need for additional PC or smartphone power. I imagine it would be fairly costly though. Have any of you used a Gear VR at all? Do you think a standalone VR headset would work well?

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