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Titanfall devs are working on a virtual reality game

It seems that Respawn Entertainment is keeping itself very busy at the moment. Aside from continuing to support Titanfall 2, the studio is also working on a Star Wars game for EA and now, it has also taken on a secret virtual reality project for Oculus.

The announcement was made last night during the Oculus Connect event, during which we received announcements for a permanent Oculus Rift price cut, the launch of the Oculus Go headset and a sneak peek at a new upcoming headset codenamed ‘Santa Cruz’.

Respawn isn’t sharing much on its VR project right now but it is not based on Titanfall or Star Wars. It is going to be a “first-person combat experience” and there is a 1:43 long video featuring the developers talking about it, all while revealing surprisingly little information.

Respawn is looking to put you in the shoes of a soldier in combat in a more “fully fleshed out and realistic way”. The game isn’t scheduled to launch until 2019, so there is quite a wait but judging by the video, it is going to require Oculus Touch and potentially even a Room Scale set up with three sensors.

KitGuru Says: Titanfall is one of my favourite shooters around, so to hear that the folks at Respawn Entertainment are making a VR game is quite exciting. Unfortunately, it is still way too far from release to really show anything off, which is a shame.

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