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PC options for last minute Christmas delivery

For those of you who’ve bought (or are thinking of acquiring) new games and don’t have the GPU/CPU horsepower necessary, Christmas provides the perfect excuse to go and buy the rig you deserve. After a long hard year of grafting to cover bills and essential living expenses, surely December should include a little ‘you time’ spending? Even though Santa has less than a week to assemble, configure and burn test the PC of your winter dreams – it is still possible to get a complete system before the production centres shut across the country. KitGuru scans Santa’s technology helpers’ sites and reports back on the possibilities.

With time being short and games getting more demanding, we’re looking for something that catches the eye. That could be a decent SSD boot drive, fast processor or high-end GTX/Radeon graphics. It need to come in at an affordable price (sub £1,000) and – ideally – with some kind of ‘special addition’ which we have flagged in red (you should check details on these at the time of purchase – offers may vary without notice).

Lastly (and most importantly), it needs to be something that can arrive in time for the big day. Here are some of the options we found mid-day today – just click on the images to view details:-









KitGuru says: So there you have it. Despite a huge surge in sales from Black Friday to Cyber Monday, there will still be people considering a new gaming system – and the options we’ve presented have the possibility of arriving on time. We’ve done a quick ring-around on your behalf and all are saying, “In stock – ready to go”, but that will change very soon. Whether you’re happy with your existing system, are planning a targeted hardware upgrade or a complete overhaul – KitGuru wishes you all merry gaming these holidays!

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