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PC Specialist Vortex XT-270FB System Review

Some system builders we have worked with in the past don’t like images of their bios configurations detailed in a review as they claim a competitor can ‘steal them’, but we received no request from PC Specialist to hide the settings.

The Asus P8Z68V Gen 3 is a fully featured motherboard, built for overclocking. As I have said in previous reviews, I really do love their bios configurations. They are exceptionally intuitive to configure and rock solid in power hungry situations.

A general overview of the system on the main page.

The system was configured at 4,800mhz as described by PC Specialist.

PC Specialist have tweaked the power settings to allow for the heavily overclocked Vortex configuration. Phase control is set to extreme and Duty control is set to extreme with CPU current capability raised by 10% to 110%. CPU voltage is configured to 1.4 and CPU PLL voltage is also increased to 1.77500.

Most of the other bios settings are left as standard and there isn’t really a need to focus on them. We can see from the image above that the Kingston 120GB SSD is configured as the boot drive.

System validation at 4.8ghz is available here. We left the system running stress tests for several hours before we started the review, and it passed with flying colours.

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