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MSI’s gaming PC in a can is now ready for sale

Back at CES, MSI impressed us with its new gaming PC known as the Vortex, which uses a similar cylinder shaped design to Apple's 2013 Mac Pro. The Vortex successfully crams a lot of power into a small form factor with a unique thermal design that ensures everything stays cool and …

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MSI has built the Mac Pro of gaming PCs

MSI is no stranger to system building at this point, following the making of its Nightblade line of micro-ATX gaming desktops. However, MSI wants to shrink things even further this year with the Vortex, a compact gaming system, custom built inside a cylinder-shaped case- it's essentially the gamer version of …

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Whirlpool windmills offer wind power without blades

As much as wind power offers a simple and effective way of harvesting energy from ‘thin air,' it isn't without its drawbacks. The power generated isn't as cost effective as other solutions, it's dependant on something uncontrollable and the spinning blades from the turbines make a lot of noise and …

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