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Microsoft could release Windows 9 ‘Threshold’ already this year

Microsoft Corp.’s Windows 8.1 has hardly become a success on the market of traditional desktops and laptops. Some PC makers are now offering to install Windows 7 instead of Windows 8.1 on their systems, which is a catastrophe for the software giant. Therefore, Microsoft has to take immediate actions. The latest rumours suggest that the company will introduce next-gen Windows 9 by this year’s holiday season.

WZor, a well-known blog dedicated to Microsoft’s new products and unofficial news about the company with a good track-record, recently reported that the software giant intends to RTM [release to manufacturing] the new Windows 9 on the 21st of October, 2014. The planned release timeframe of the new operating system in November, 2014. If the information is correct, the world may see new PCs running Windows 9 by Christmas.

The information from WZor contradicts the facts released earlier this month by WinSuperSite. It was reported that Microsoft would share its vision as well as unveil features and capabilities of Windows 9 code-named “Threshold” this April at the Build 2014 conference. It was also claimed that the Redmond, Washington-based company intended to officially launch the new OS in April, 2015.


The general idea behind Windows 9 is to make it comfortable for users of traditional Windows as well as for those who prefer new Windows with touch-screen-oriented interface. The next-generation Windows 9 operating system is expected to feature Metro 2.0 graphics user interface that is anticipated to address the problems of existing GUI. While no details are clear at the moment, it is assumed that Metro apps will finally run in windowed modes. Besides, there are expectations that the Start menu will re-emerge in the new operating system. Previously it was reported that Microsoft was working on three versions of Windows “Threshold”: one designed for traditional PCs, another aimed at enterprise-class machines and yet another one tailored for tablets.

The problems with current versions of Windows are understood not only by the end-users, but, obviously, by Microsoft itself. However, it is rather hard to expect the company to address everything that is “wrong” with Windows 8 in less than a year timeframe since the release of Windows 8.1. Therefore, Windows 9 may not be as revolutionary as Microsoft’s new operating systems usually are.

Microsoft did not comment on the news-story.

KitGuru Says: Reluctance of end-users to adopt new Windows not only means lower revenues for Microsoft, but also stagnating sales for companies like Lenovo Group, Hewlett-Packard or Dell, three leading PC makers. Therefore, release of a new Windows is in the interests of the whole industry. But that operating system should better be a good one… 

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