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AMD Frame AAA Custom System Build – Part 4

Today’s video brings our mammoth AMD Frame Custom build project to an end. I've been hard at work getting the system ready to go to its new owner – don’t forget we will be giving this system away in a competition very soon! In this video we get the LCD screen installed in its enclosure and fitted to the frame, finish off building the rest of the system and take a look at performance. It's been a long project, but the end result is worth every moment.


00:00 Start
01:04 Recap and competition!
01:55 Part 4 update
04:11 LCD display enclosure
06:07 LCD enclosure building!
09:45 LCD Screen installed
10:45 Building up the custom loop
18:42 Showcasing the final system
23:27 Performance – tuning / FSR / Adrenalin Software
32:31 YOU can win this system!

KitGuru started work on the AMD Frame Build three months ago and its come a long way since then. We started off by modifying the X570 Aorus Xtreme motherboard, the EK-Quantum Velocity 2 water block and the new massive EK Surface X480M radiators, which set the tone of the system theme with a white and chrome look. In part 2 I made some beautiful custom power cables for the Seasonic Prime TX-1000 power supply, put the system on his test bench and showed us some of the features of the latest AMD software.

Behind the scenes, I've worked on preparing the remaining system components ready for Part 3 of the AMD Frame build, in which saw the build start to take shape. The Cooler Master MasterFrame 700 was treated to a covering of white paint, as were the EK-Quantum Kinetic TBE 300 D5 pump/res combo units and the EK-Quantum Vector Master GPU water block. The finishing touches were added to the radiator end caps and then the build began.

Core System Specification

Cooling Hardware

Additional Hardware Components

  • Barrowch multimode OLED display protector with alarm for overheating and Intelligent shutdown FBFT04 V2
  • Waveshare 11.9inch Capacitive Touch Screen LCD 320×1480 Resolution (H×V) HDMI Display Port IPS Display Panel Toughened Glass Cover
  • MDPC-X Cable sleeving – Natural White and Platinum X

In Part 4 we pick up where we left part 3, a few parts were tweaked such as the pump mounts, fan cables and cable combs. The custom loop was always going to be a major job to build as it is two separate loops for one system, also included in the loops are EK Flow Meters and two Barrowch multimode OLED displays which give the user a visual reminder of the coolant temperature as well as the ability to be configured with an audible alarm if the coolant exceeds the users pre-set temperature threshold.

When all this is put together in such a professional way the end product is not only a stunning-looking system but as James shows with his thermal and performance testing, it’s also an extremely competent top-of-the-range gaming system, able to churn out high FPS even at 4K resolution. We think this is one of the best open frame systems we have ever seen, paired with the beautiful white and chrome theme it looks superb.

Don’t forget, we will be giving this system away in a competition in the coming days. Entry to the competition will be handled on our Facebook page. Hence, if you have not already subscribed to KitGuru on Facebook make sure you keep an eye on the page for all the details of how to enter this amazing giveaway.

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KitGuru says: The AMD Frame build is one of our favourite creations so far and one of the best-looking open frame systems we have ever seen. What do you guys think of it? Make sure you enter the competition for a chance to win it!

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