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Microsoft Flight Simulator is getting an engine re-write to almost double performance

Microsoft Flight Simulator launched last year to critical success, offering a hugely ambitious world. With that however came a great level of requirement on hardware, with the simulator taxing even the most powerful PCs. It seems Asobo Studio have been working on making the game more accessible, as an engine rewrite is set to bring with it massive performance gains.

In a recent interview with the developers of Asobo Studio, the team discussed optimisations made for the upcoming console release of Microsoft Flight Simulator. Alongside this, the PC version of the game benefited too, with head of Microsoft Flight Simulator Jorg Neumann, Asobo CEO Sebastian Wloch, and executive producer Martial Bossard claiming that an engine rewrite has helped introduce massive performance gains (up to 80%).

Alongside this, VR performance is said to be improved too, and foliage draw distance has likewise been improved. Impressively, all of these improvements to graphics and performance comes prior to the upgrade to DirectX 12, which in and of itself will introduce a number of improvements and enhancements.

Microsoft Flight Simulator has been a heavy game, leading some to worry about how the game will perform on the Xbox Series X – and especially the Series S. It seems this latest string of optimisations is going a long way to make the game ready for its console release – while also allowing more PC players to experience the full world of Microsoft’s Flight Simulator.

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