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New Steam Deck details emerge, including dual boot confirmation

The Steam Deck is one of the most anticipated and interesting pieces of upcoming hardware. Being the next major attempt at entering the video game hardware market, Valve looks to be wanting to hit a home run on its first try making a handheld. Valve has now answered some of the most pressing questions regarding the device, including whether users will be able to dual boot the system.

On its website, Valve recently added a new FAQ section, answering some of the many unknowns related to the upcoming Steam Deck. The first question asks “Can you have multiple Steam accounts on one Steam Deck?” to which they said “Yes, and each account on a Steam Deck will keep its own local save data and settings.”

One of the best aspects to Steam is the ability to add non-Steam games, this will continue with the Steam Deck, with Valve saying “we'll support adding games like we do for the desktop Steam client.”

Though it comes as no surprise, Valve did confirm that “Just like a PC, you'll need to be online to download games and play online multiplayer games. Once a game is installed on disk, you can play while Steam Deck is offline unless the game requires an internet connection.”

Perhaps the most exciting news of all is the fact that “Multi-boot is supported – you can have multiple OSes installed and choose which one to boot into. Users will have access to the BIOS menu”. Furthermore, this secondary OS can be booted from an SD card, meaning those who opt for the 64GB variant will not have to sacrifice their precious internal storage.

So far, everything that Valve has revealed about the Steam Deck appears to be positive. Hopefully the final retail device proves to be just as good as the company is making it out to be – though we will just have to wait and see. The full FAQ can be found HERE.

KitGuru says: What do you think of the Steam Deck? Do you have any concerns? Have you preordered the device? Let us know down below.

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