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Previously PlayStation exclusive Erica announced for PC

Following the success of story-focused adventure games such as Life is Strange and TellTale’s games, the FMV genre saw its return to gaming. Popular back in the 90s, FMV games such as Her Story and Black Mirror: Bandersnatch revitalised the genre. One of the most well known modern FMV games was Erica. Originally published by Sony for the PS4, the game will soon be making its way to PC.

First released in 2019, Erica is described as “an interactive live-action thriller which puts you at the heart of the mystery,” where players will “delve into Erica’s past as you piece together the shocking truth behind her father’s death”. The game offers multiple endings, allowing you to shape the story to your morals.

The game stars English actor Holly Earl, and features a soundtrack composed by the award winning Austin Wintory, known for his work on games such as Journey, Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate, Abzu and The Banner Saga.

Following its release on PlayStation in 2019, Erica came to iOS devices earlier this year. Though no release date was given, Erica has now been confirmed to be coming to Steam sometime in 2021.

Costing just £10 (and even slightly cheaper at launch) and averaging the length of a normal film (at least on your first go round), Erica could offer you a fun and interactive evening if FMV games and psychological thrillers are your thing – despite its modest reception. You can wish list Erica on Steam here.

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