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Rage 2 will be free on the Epic Games Store

Each week, the Epic Games Store offers one or two games for free to all those with an Epic Games account. Following last week’s free titles of Metro: Last Light Redux and For the King, this week, users can get their hands on the “retro space strategy RPG” Halcyon 6. Possibly more exciting however is the announcement of next week’s free games, which includes Rage 2.

Halcyon 6 Starbase Commander is a retro space strategy RPG which offers “base building, deep tactical combat, crew management and emergent storytelling”. Players are tasked with reclaiming the derelict station ‘Halcyon 6’ and rebuilding it. All the while however “A mysterious alien force is making a beeline towards Earth and this starbase is the best chance for the New Terran Federation to establish new alliances, research new technologies and otherwise figure out a way to stop the impending invasion.”

Halcyon 6 received mixed reviews due to some level of monotony and a number of mechanics which missed the mark. For sci-fi fans however, the game may be worth a try.

If this week’s offering fails to compel you however, Epic Games has announced that users next week will be getting their hands on the arcade racer ‘Absolute Drift’ as well as the id Software and Avalanche Studios developed Rage 2. Halcyon 6: Lightspeed Edition is available to purchase and download for free from now until the 18th of February at 4pm.

KitGuru says: What do you think of this week’s offering? Are you excited for next week’s? Have you played Rage 2? Let us know down below.

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