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“Star Wars: Battlefront III Remastered” makes its way onto Steam DB

Historically, Steam DB has been a useful tool for tracking games both available, and also unannounced. However, the site's most recent addition serves as a reminder that systems such as these are not infallible. According to Steam DB, Star Wars: Battlefront III Remastered is set to come to Steam soon.

Though this database update has since been confirmed to be fake, originally, the title was listed as “Star Wars: Battlefront III”. Accompanying this was (low resolution) artwork, which added the word “Remastered” under the name. Fans of the franchise quickly recognised that the artwork being used was that of the PSP title “Star Wars Battlefront Elite Squadron”, with “Battlefront III Remastered” simply being photoshopped onto the image.

Furthermore, when attempting to access the EULA (End User License Agreement), instead of pages upon pages of legalese, it simply read “Some EULA stuff goes here, I don't care to fill it out”. Of course, the idea of a Battlefront III Remastered existing makes no sense in and of itself, as there has never been a Battlefront III.

Since then, the page has been updated with the title “Unity App Student Project”, with the thumbnail showing a horizontally stretched photo of Joe Biden.

While this specific example likely did little to fool anyone who came across it, it still serves as an important reminder that just because news of an unannounced game may come from a legitimate source (such as Steam DB or Amazon France), doesn’t confirm the existence of said game.

With that said, it’ll be interesting to see if and when EA announces Battlefront III, whether it would come to Steam, or if it’ll be exclusive to EA’s Origin launcher.

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KitGuru says: Would you like to see a Battlefront III? Have you been fooled in the past by a fake store listing? Do you use Steam DB? Let us know down below.

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