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Valve’s Steam Deck begins to get official support from game devs

One of the biggest advantages to the Steam Deck is the fact that it is essentially a mini PC, allowing owners to run their full Steam library with little to no incompatibility. That being said, for those who wish to treat the system as if it is a console, it seems developers are beginning to likewise treat it as such, as games are now starting to be announced with explicit Steam Deck support.

Dexter Stardust : Adventures in Outer Space is a point and click adventure game in the vein of titles such as Monkey Island, where players can “walk, talk, and interact with everything in your surroundings. Use and pick up inventory items to solve puzzles in over 100 unique scenes.”

While the game itself is not necessarily notable in its own right (not to be dismissive of the hard work put in by the developers), what is interesting is the fact that the game’s development studio is advertising the game with explicit Steam Deck support.

On the bottom of the game’s promotional image, alongside the logos for the Mac, Windows, and Nintendo Switch, the Steam Deck logo can be found.

While almost all Steam games will be compatible and playable on the Steam Deck, this suggests that perhaps the game will offer a bespoke set of graphical settings optimised for the Steam Deck. While one of the advantages to Valve’s upcoming handheld is the fact that all of the game’s settings can be tweaked, it seems those who wish for a more traditional handheld experience may be able to get so. It will be interesting to see if more games receive bespoke optimisations for the Steam Deck.

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