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PCSpecialist Vanquish 230X Review

The PCSpecialist Vanquish 230X arrives in a large, plain brown box. Inside on top of the system itself is a ‘welcome pack’.
Inside, PC Specialist supply all the extras. These include cables left over from the build, software and driver discs, as well as a manual and other literature on the build.
The system is wrapped and protected between thick pieces of flexible foam.
It is important to remove the side window, as PC Specialist use sculpted foam to protect the components from movement during rough shipping. They adhere a page to the side of the case alerting the inexperienced user to the fact, so it is difficult to miss.
PC Specialist are using the cost effective, new Corsair 230T chassis for this build. We have a full review of this case coming soon, so keep watching our front page for an indepth analysis in the near future.
Inside, we are pleased to report that the build is extremely clean, and looks great, especially useful as this case features a windowed side panel. The system is based around the cost effective, but capable Asus Z87-A motherboard. This is priced around £110 inc vat.
PC Specialist are using a quality 80 Plus Bronze certified Corsair TX650M power supply for this build. We reviewed the 750W version of this power supply over here and it claimed our highest award at the time.
PCSpecialist are using a custom R9 280X graphics card, along with the Cooler Master Seidon 120M liquid cooler, which we reviewed over here. This also earned our highest award, so PC Specialist are clearly choosing components we rate highly ourselves.

If they agree with us, they clearly know what they are doing.

PC Specialist are using Kingston HyperX Beast memory, rated at 2,400mhz. We reviewed the initial green PCB version of this memory, over here. It won our WORTH BUYING award at the time. Since our review Kingston updated the memory by changing the PCB from green to a more appealing black – we wrote about this, and more information is available here.
At the top of the system is the DVD optical drive. At the bottom of the chassis is a 1TB SATA hard drive, alongside a 120GB Kingston HyperX Solid State Drive.
Cabling routing is very clean and tidy on the visible side of the build.
Cable routing on the flip side of the case is also very clean. PC Specialist have tied down the cables and routed them carefully around the corners of the case, locking most of them in place behind the SSD and HDD bay. The side panel reseals without any issue.

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