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Not just for hookups: Tinder Social now available worldwide

Tinder might be one one of the world's most popular ways to hook up with someone that you might want to swap fluids with, but that's not all the company behind it wants it to do. Tinder Social is now available on both iOS and Android and makes it possible to organise nights out right through the Tinder app.

Tinder Social works by importing your friends from Facebook, which crates a group messaging system among you all. Then if you find someone you like and want to invite them along, you can do, inviting them to join the group chat too.

Better yet, that person can invite their friends and make a big group chat between all of you – organising group dates just became a lot easier. Beyond that though, friends and different friendship groups should be able to organise through the app, or you can simply look for other groups in the nearby area and go and hang out.


To test the new feature out yourself, either download the app from the App or Play store and activate Social through the settings menu. You can have both traditional Tinder and Tinder social active at one time, or one or the other – it's entirely up to you.

Once Social is enabled you'll be able to set your status for the night, making your profile accessible to those nearby or friends, depending on your preferences. You can also set up your own groups, invite your own friends and plan your own night out (thanks TechCrunch).

Be aware though that opting in to Tinder Social does make your profile available to your Facebook friends, so if you don't want them to see you at your sexy best, consider well before signing on.

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KitGuru Says: This sounds like a decent idea that could make it more natural for people to meet through mutual friends. Any of you guys big Tinder users like the idea of this?

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