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Super Mario Run has made over $60 million worldwide

A couple of years back as Wii U sales continued to struggle, Nintendo turned to mobile gaming to gain a quick revenue boost. This new mobile game initiative kicked off with Super Mario Run for iOS and Android. However, unlike other games, Super Mario Run landed with a $10 price tag, rather than choosing the free to play option. So how much has this game made for Nintendo so far?

According to the latest stats from Sensor Tower, Super Mario Run has managed to earn Nintendo an impressive $60 million worldwide since its release on iOS in December 2016. The Android version was released six months later, providing an additional path for revenue.


Super Mario Run did make most of its money on the iOS App Store, which accounts for 77 percent of the game's total revenue. In terms of player base, the majority are from the US, which accounts for 43 percent of players. Japan accounts for roughly 17 percent, and the rest is divided up between other territories.

Despite being Nintendo's most famous character, Super Mario Run isn't Nintendo's highest grossing game on mobile. Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp and Fire Emblem Heroes both ended up making more in the long run, despite releasing much later. Either way though, this is an impressive feat for Nintendo, especially as Super Mario is pitched as a full game on mobile, with no additional microtransactions under the hood.

KitGuru Says: The profit margin on this game must be huge, and I am sure Nintendo is very happy with its performance. Did you play Super Mario Run?

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