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Super Mario Run has made over $60 million worldwide


A couple of years back as Wii U sales continued to struggle, Nintendo turned to mobile gaming to gain a quick revenue boost. This new mobile game initiative kicked off with Super Mario Run for iOS and Android. However, unlike other games, Super Mario Run landed with a $10 price …

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Nintendo not ruling out another Mario Galaxy game

Nintendo fans rejoice, you may get another Super Mario Galaxy game after all. During an ‘Iwata Asks’ Q&A the current development team, who is at the moment working on Mario 3D land, talked about the possibility of taking Mario back to space. During the interview, Mario creator, Shigeru Miyamoto pointed …

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Introducing: The Four Players

Screen Writer Evan Daugherty, has partnered up with YouTube channel Polaris and Maker Studios to bring out quite a special re-imagining of one of the most famous franchises in video games history, and trust me, it’s good. Titled ‘The Four Players,’ each video features a short, under 5 minute clip …

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New Wii U bundles coming to the UK

We can all agree the Wii U is the underdog of the “next” generation. It came out a year early and for the longest time some people didn’t know it existed, others thought it was just a new Wii and others were waiting for the game library to improve. To …

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Super Mario to enter augmented reality on 3DS cards

Augmented reality is a technology that’s truly in its infancy, but it has potentially huge applications. It could be used to leave messages for friends as they explore the real world, turn board games into fully animated, digital displays and now, have Mario and his friends, interact wherever you want. …

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