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Sealed copy of Super Mario 64 breaks world record, sells for $1.56 million

Back in April, a new and sealed copy of the original Super Mario Bros. sold for a record $660,000 at auction. Now, a perfect copy of Super Mario 64 has also been sold, setting a new record with a price tag of $1.56 million. 

As with the previous auctions, the Super Mario 64 sale was held through Heritage Auctions, starting the bidding off at $100,000 for a sealed, 1996 US copy of the game. It didn't take long for the bids to rack up, reaching as high as $1.56 million, the most money ever spent on single copy of a video game.

Some of the reasons for the high price tag include Super Mario 64's cultural significance and its important history. There are thought to be less than five sealed copies of Super Mario 64 left in this condition, so we could see a future auction break this record once again.

Nintendo also recently celebrated Super Mario 64 with a limited-time re-release for the Nintendo Switch, which is no longer in print.

KitGuru Says: Collectible Mario games are continuing to break records. What's the oldest game that you still own a physical copy of? 

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