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Ouya set for commercial release in June

The little console that set Kickstarter ablaze and began what seems to be a current trend of crowd funding little home consoles to rival the big boys, has had its final release date outed. Those that didn’t pre-order or get in on the ground floor, will be able to get their hands on a Ouya in June this year.

We also have pricing and retail outlet details, though since it’s all geared around dollars, it looks like the initial launch will be in the US. No word on an EU release as of yet, though presumably it won’t be too soon after launch – and potentially imports should be fine, since the original Kickstarter allowed for international pre-orders.

You can still pre-order a Ouya now if you want one

So for our pals across the pond, the Ouya will be debuting at $99.99 (£63) and available in Target, Gamestop and Best Buy, as well as at online retailer Amazon, with additional controllers priced at $49.99.

According to CEO at Ouya, Julie Uhrman, who spooke with the Wall Street Journal, the console will launch with a “large suite” of gaming titles, though no word on quite how many at the moment and if they’re new releases, or ports of titles we’ve seen before on other platforms.

KitGuru Says: Did any of you guys preorder a Ouya or get one as part of the Kickstarter? If you wanted to but didn’t, you still can pre-order one. Just head here.

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