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PS4 could be released in August

PS4 component makers are suggesting the next console from Sony could ship worldwide as early as August, because Sony wants to try and push a huge number of systems by the end of the year – 16 million if it can help it.

This all comes from Digitimes sources, who are also suggesting that Foxconn will be the main manufacturer, which isn't wholly surprising since it already manufacturer the PlayStation 3. It does however have a history of poor working conditions, inattentiveness to international labour laws and high worker suicide rates – so it makes you wonder why Sony would pick it.

Chances are the reasoning is cost. If you cut a lot of corners, you can keep prices low, which is undoubtedly why Apple also uses Foxconn to produce its iPads and iPhones.

Thanks to an unrevealing unveiling from Sony, we know what the controller looks like, but not the console itself

Of course while shipments for the PS4 may begin in August, this is no guarantee that retailers will actually be able to sell them at this point. It could be that the consoles don't hit the shelves until the Christmas period, but if consoles are shipped and in the wild by August, chances are someone will jump the gun.

KitGuru Says: I bet the first one of these shows up on Ebay for several thousand.

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